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From the hands of wine growers,
to the hands of wine makers

parcelles de vignes a Chablis

Historically rooted in two Chablis villages, Domaine Soupé now grows vines on nearly 15 hectares, inherited from two family farms.

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grappe de raisin Chardonnay
Terroir Kimmeridjien de Chablis

Earth full of Exogyra Virgula (fossilized oysters date from the era Jurassic) called “Kimméridgien”,  composed of marine sediment, gives the best of French Chardonnay.

Capitalizing on the work of their parents and grandparents, who from the 1920s cultivated historic and world-renowned parcels like Montée de Tonnerre and Vaillons, Frédéric and Jean-Michel perpetuate the tradition of revealing all the potential of their vines, planted on gentle slopes.


They thus give the wines vivacity and freshness, as found in each of the Domaine's appellation vintages (Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and Chablis Grand Cru).

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Until 2018 they continued working the land of their forefathers and delivering their harvest in cooperation with their colleagues, enhancing the reputation of Chablis wines.


With a view to passing on their know-how and revealing the richness of their vines, from the 2018 vintage Frédéric and Jean-Michel decided to make their first Domaine-branded wines.

Domaine Soupé
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