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A terroir dating back to the Jurassic
offering resolutely modern wines...

terroir kimméridjien chablis

Among the oldest of the vineyards of France, spread over roughly 5500 hectares in Burgundy in the Serein valley, the Chablis vineyards, Burgundy's golden gate, produce dry white wines exclusively made with the Chardonnay grape variety, characterized by crystalline reflections with hints of emerald green and recognizable by their purity, minerality and delicacy.

terroir de Chablis
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Macaron blc 10% 01-2022.png

The Domain's Grands Crus and Premiers Crus parcels are characterized by colluvium* soil. 

This terroir thus expresses the personality and character of the Chablis wines, which age in perfect conditions, developing a perfect balance between richness, tension and freshness.

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sols en coupe de chablis
Exogyra virgula

The Domaine Soupé's vines are planted in a basin of 150 million year-old sedimentary subsoil called “Kimmeridgian”.

It is made up of limestone and marine sediment composed of Exogyra Virgula, a small fossilized oyster witness to a rich ancestral past and the symbol of the Chablis vineyards. chablisien.

* Portlandian erosion phenomena, Barrois limestone on upper and middle Kimmeridgian.

Discovering the wines
of the Soupé Domaine

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