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Le Petit Chablis
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Les Chablis

Chablis wines


le Petit Chablis

Rooted in parcels primarily located on plateaux where it is exposed to the early quirks of Mother Nature, our expressive and generous Petit Chablis wine is easy to drink.
It whets your appetite and makes you want to discover more. Its light yellow colour with white gold reflections promises lovely freshness.

A fresh and elegant nose recalls notes of citrus fruit and white flowers. Indulgent, well-balanced and intense on the palate.

A wine to share as an apéritif with gougères (cheese-filled pastries), ham in jelly and seafood.

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Premiers Crus Chablis wines

Les Chablis 1ers Crus



This Premier Cru is both sun-filled and flattering. South-facing and further away from the Serein valley than our right-bank Premiers Crus, our parcels enjoy optimal sunshine without being bothered by the cool breezes from the north of the appellation (Paris Basin).
A golden yellow colour with a magnificent sheen, a fresh, voluptuous and fruity nose with floral and vegetal notes.

This rich and powerful wine, typical of the “Vaillons” appellation, offers aromas of yellow fruit. Well-rounded and generous, it is easy to drink with a long finish while retaining superb tension.


Serve with scallops or Belon oysters.

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Mont de Milieu

Our south-facing Mont de Milieu wine will charm you with its power and intensity. A powerful wine with complex aromas if given time to improve.

Its clear yellow colour has bright white golden reflections. Its expressive nose has aromas of white flowers mixed with iodized notes, finely balanced and delicate. The attack on the palate is frank with a pleasant mineral edge, followed by a full-bodied and generous finish.

A wine that goes perfectly with noble fish or rockfish, lobster and elegant and refined dishes.

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Montée de Tonnerre

The emblematic first growth of the Chablis vintages, Premier Cru Montée de Tonnerre is discreet when drunk young. It starts to reveal its potential after 5 to 7 years, with saline and iodized notes. After 10 years it reveals all its more complex, full-bodied and rich potential. It is a "great" Premier Cru.

Its clear yellow colour has white gold reflections.

It is a delicate and elegant wine with notes of fresh white-fleshed fruit and acacia blossom.

A rich wine with defined structure and a lovely fresh aftertaste. Ideal with shellfish, grilled fish or fish carpaccio (gilthead bream, salmon, etc.) or vol-au-vent filled with calf's sweetbreads.

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The symbolic appellation of minerality and freshness.

When drunk young it is generous and strong, and as it ages it develops more complex tastes with aromas of woodland and/or flint.


Its clear yellow colour has white gold reflections. A delicate and complex nose with aromas of fresh yellow-fleshed fruit.

On the palate it is consistent with the nose: balanced with a lovely mineral finish.

A wine that goes well with white meat, fish and seafood.

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Chablis Les Doyennes

Made from selected parcels planted by our grandparents, this Chablis cuvée is generous, full-bodied and voluptuous.
Its colour is a lovely deep golden yellow.
Its rich nose presents aromas of yellow fruit, “slightly candied apricot”.

A powerful mouthfeel well-balanced between roundness, freshness and minerality.

A wine to try out with boudin blanc (white pudding), roast pork with prunes or Périgord salad … traditional dishes with accents of terroir.

Le Chablis Grand Cru




The west-facing Preuses parcel captures the last rays of the summer sun; combined with a deep marly subsoil, it gives us a fresh and very delicate wine.
Its golden yellow colour has a magnificent sheen, the nose is powerful with woody and slightly toasty notes.

On the palate it is frank with superb tension. A balanced, rich and complex wine that reflects its fine ageing in wood.

Serving this wine with smoked dishes, such as salmon, fillet of duck or smoked trout will reveal all its character. It can also be cellared and will greatly improve with time!

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Le Chablis Grand Cru
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